Our meditation Room


We are an entirely volunteer organization. Almost everything in the Center (books, cushions, decorations, etc.) has been donated by grateful participants.

Open four days a week, the annual participation for all of our events is over 1000. Individuals who attend sessions come from all walks of life in our community. Multiple studies of the benefits of mindfulness meditation have demonstrated that regular practice can enrich daily living. People who come to the Center report developing a meditation practice helps to deal with challenging stresses, including parenting, a demanding job, a serious illness, or death of a loved one. 

Ø  A weekly Mindful Yoga class, where instruction and guidance is provided to integrate mind and body, increasing flexibility of movement and openness of mind and heart      

Ø  A lending library

Ø  An occasional film night with a mindfulness theme

Ø  Occasional guest speakers:  Lama Gursam, noted Tibetan teacher and humanitarian, was at the Center in April 

Ø  Occasional day-long workshops for those who want to deepen their ongoing understanding of mindfulness meditation

Ø  Twice yearly 8-week Introduction to Meditation courses, taught by Aylene and Ginnie 

Ø  Once a year Introduction to Buddhist Psychology course, taught by Tom Bassarear

Facilitators for weekly meditations:

Tom Bassarear: Monday night meditation

Ginnie Gavrin: Tuesday night meditation

Aylene Wozmak: Wednesday morning meditation

Rebecca Marshall: Friday late afternoon yoga/meditation