Get Started: What type of meditation does the Monadnock Mindfulness Practice Center Use?

We are not using a specific meditative discipline.The mindfulness practice entails the use of peaceful meditation and living each moment in a very conscious fashion. At the Center we offer guidelines and Mindful group meditation. As a simple explanations these three steps may help you get started.
1. A Quiet Place. The Center is a quiet place for your practice; mats, chairs and pillows are provided.
2. A Comfortable Posture. We have 40 minutes of quiet, so you need to find a position that is comfortable and yet will not put you to sleep. Some people may want to start by using a chair to help sit upright yet comfortably. Many use a mat or small bench.
3. Concious Detachment from Thought. This attitude is the most important part of mindfulness. By just being aware of your breathing and softening your gaze you can relax into a detached state of mind, giving you a feeling of great calm and deep restfulness. As thoughts cross your mind simply let them go and return to awareness of your breath.
Practicing meditation

There is a lot to this simple practices of meditation which you can break down into very useful exercises using ground-up concentration, here are some usful mediations you can used together or by them selfs: 

 Motion or walking meditation - Helps to replace your minds hold on your thoughts so you can quiet your mind.  
 Sitting meditation - This is what most people think of as meditation. 
 Breath meditation - Allows you to be in the moment as with each breath.
 Eating meditation - Helps to take you awarements to your senses. 
 Body Scan meditation - Taking refuge in present sensations 
 Music or mantra meditation - Using quiet and slow music helps calm you.
 Nature meditation - Turn you attention to the outside world as a way of feeling you connection to the universe around us all, from the yard to the stars.